return policy

Like A Lady has a 14 days return policy upon arrival of standard size items.

Please understand that we cannot accept returns in case of custom size clothing made exact according to your onw personal measurements except material failure.
Measure as precisely as possibly and carefully provide us the exact datas. If possible have a second person doing the measuring.
All articles leaving the manufacturer are carefully inspected before being shipped out to the retailers.
We double check all items ourselves upon arrivals so material failure risk is kept to a minimum.

Please handle all items with absolute care and hygiene while trying in case you may have to return anything.

Please send your returns within the original packaging and never label the manufacturer packaging. Please make sure you use the cardboard box you have been receieving your items.

Please use the return sheet that has been sent to you within shipment, fill in your details and your intent (money return, swap articles, sizes etc)

Please make sure you send us an email once you have to make a return. This may shorten re-ordering times and in some cases resolve article questions up front 

Please see our terms and conditions for further details.

In case of any returns use any of the adresses below.


Marion Lysko-Miczka / Like-A-Lady / Postnummer 26014160 / Packstation 129 / 81477 München, Germany


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