size charts and advise for taking measurements

IMPORTANT: Use an elastic tape measure and do not guess! Take measures without clothes or tight underwear. Do not pull the tape too tight but do not let it hang loose either. Of course not everybody has someone else to take measurements but please try to be as precisely as possible when measuring alone. The best option is too pull the tape until it does not fall off and then add a centimeter or 2 depending on the area or difficulty you may have.

ATTENTION: custom tailored articles are mended and fabricated according to the measurements you provide along with your order. When ordering "custom" make sure you measure precisely, have somebody else taking the circunferences if possible. Please do understand that we cannot accept returns for custom articles except material failure. Be assured that all those hand sewn fine garnments are carefully checked before leaving the manufacturer. Once we receive them we also take a look at everything. Be assured that the fabric and product quality with our partner is that good we have a almost ZERO complaint / return rate for fabrication failure or poor quality. So it is up to you to make your garnment as personally snug fit as possible. If you measure slacky or estimate chances are you wont be satisfied later. Articles that have been purchased in standard sizes do of coursse not have any limitations regarding return policy.

Below you find several sketches and figures to evaluate what standard size may suit you most.
If you find out that "custom" would be optimal for you then check the sketch about where to measure what and how. Please provide us your measurement along with the matching numbers.
With standard size maid uniforms you have the individual size information along with the article itself.

WHERE and HOW to measure:
ATTENTION: Please be aware that the reference numbers 11, 10, 9, 3, 2, 13 and 1 are straight lengths from point A to B. Do not measure them against your body curves. All other measurements are circunferences.

female standard sizes (may also apply for some males)

UNISEX / male / crossdress standard sizes

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