Like A Lady .. totally ladylike


You like it lady-like ?

... you are a sexy t-girl, an elegant trans-woman, transgender, sissy, crossdresser, adultbaby, a kinky slut or a real FetishLady or mistress ?

Do you have have the possibility to have pictures taken from you or shoot them yourself ... everything from nice amateur style to professional photography ?


i am going to open the "SEXY CUSTOMERS"-gallery here in the shop very soon where everyone enjoying to show herself off will get the chance to do so. From complete Like-A-Lady outifts to "sexy lingerie only" worn to your personal favourit outfit. Interested ? then please send me an email to with your photos wearing the sexy items you already purchased here. You´ll get a 10% discount on your next order and a nice useful gift.

Perhaps you found your dream-outfit or items in the shop but money is a bit tight at the moment or the wishlist too long (isn´t it always ..?). - If you already have sexy photos of yourself on the internet or elsewhere then talk to me about a order discount - you might get your items cheaper while i can "use you" to represent my line.

Furthermore i am looking for a few selected ladies who are really into dressing up, makeup and styling to actually MODEL products in my shop. From single items to complete outfits and dresses. I have already seen some great photos and i must say "pfffffff...." If you have not yet purchased anything in my shop, let´s talk about options such as sponsoring, lending out items or discounting orders

Are you a real outgoing person, do you attend shows and events as a sexy t-lady, crossdresser, transgender or DragQueeen and would you be interested in advertising my line ? Please contact me for sponsoring !




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