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Where should I start ? I don´t think you came here because you got lost or where just about to shop for average clothing. You are here because like me you get turned on by sexy clothing made of erotic fabrics like satin, silk, PVC and vinyl. No mainstream girlie fashion … you are one of the people who gets aroused by specific forms and themes of clothing, you love dressup, transformation and roleplay.

Being a lifestyle fetish model myself with own websites and projects I know what I am talking about and therefor what I am offering and selling. I think I can say that within more than a decade I gained a proper reputation within the satin and clothed sex fetish community, my fans inspire me as well as I inspire them.

I own a lot of the items I am selling personally and I am and have been seen on the internet a lot wearing them. In case you do not know me being –Trinity- I am sure with a little digging and research you will find out if you are interested.

After many years of selling clubwear and sexy heels the greater part of my client base was crossdressers and sissies with the need for larger sizes. So I added some clothing items from the manufacturer I where was buying mine from and it did not take long to see the great demand for a WHOLE entire store dedicated to the many different fetish niches around sexy clothing.

A store where everyone into satin, silk and PVC would be able to find unique kinky stuff, no matter what size, shape, gender and sexual orientation.

The very great thing about my articles is that the are available from small female sizes up to very large oversizes and unisex sizes, also with the extra custom option for the clients own personal measurements.

You always wanted to be a real lady, from head to to toe ?

You are an adult baby or just have a fetish for female sexy satin and silk panties and lingerie ?

You are a lifestyle mistress and dominatrix and tired of improvising about your clothing or maybe just need a real strict skirt or blouse ?

You always wanted to show off your inner princess or maybe want to dress up kinky and feel all slutty ?

Maybe you are a sissy and your mistress sent you to shop for a lockable uniform or chastity panty to give your sessions the final touch ?

Being a lady already you are aware how much more lady-like it is wearing silky lingerie and a sexy female satin wardrobe ?


I could go on with that list for a bit more but what I basically want is YOU to escape social restraints, I want to you to dress up, get styled like a lady, feel all frilly and sissy as you want to !


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